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How we work

We can provide you with site designed using one of two methods. Both methods use templates to speed up development time and make managing the site easier.

If your site will only be occasionally updated, we can provide you with a bespoke website, based on a template designed in standards compliant (x)html and css.

If your site will be frequently updated, we can provide you with a bespoke website, powered by a content management system (cms) using on a template designed in standards compliant (x)html and css. A cms-based site provides you, the client with a control panel to manage and add content to your site yourself.

We use tried and tested open-source cms’s to run cms powered sites, we don’t tie our clients to proprietry cms’s that only we know about or cost lots of money even to change the smallest component or to add simple features.

We provide clients with a contacts page as standard. The contacts page will have email forms to keep your email address hidden from spammers. Also useful if you don’t want your site visitors to know your personal email address. If you don’t need the feature or want a simpler contacts page, we can provide that for you too.

We can also provide any of the following as required:

  • News page with RSS feed, so that visitors can keep up to date with your latest news even when they’re not currently browsing your site. You can also choose to display the latest headlines in a News Flash on every page of your site.
  • Calendar of Events, viewable a month at a time or displaying all upcoming events at on a single page.
  • Forums with optional visitor logins. You can choose to make your forums accessible to everyone, or have your visitors log in before they can use them.
  • Photo Galleries with optional photo captions and gallery descriptions.
  • Mailing list where your visitors can sign up to receive your newsletters or special offers by email.
  • Guestbook with the option to notify you by email whenever a new message is left.
  • Site Map with quick links to all the pages in your site (useful for larger, more complicated sites).

We are happy to quote for more complex custom applications including shopping carts and other e-commerce facilities.

Professional Design.

The visual design of your site will be tailored to your unique requirements. If you already have a logo, photos, or have an existing website that needs a makeover, we can use these to base the design on. Alternatively, if you have no idea what you would like, We can come up with a preliminary design/s as a starting point for discussion, or liaise with a graphic designer appointed by you. We also make use of tried and tested style guidelines to ensure that your message is delivered loud and clear to all your visitors.

No hassle.

Your website will be provided all set up and running including hosting. If you already have a domain name (eg www.domainname.co.uk), this can usually be pointed at your new site. Alternatively, we are happy to organise the purchase of a new new domain name or transfer or renewal of an existing domain name.