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m0n0wall Virtual Firewall – beta series

Mono-vm – the Monowall Appliance, version 1.3b13 is here! VMware image using VMXnet

This appliance has been submitted to the VMware Appliance directory. Please go to VMware to download (and rate!) this appliance or download the latest version (1.3b13) from this site.

Here’s a brief description available of how to set it up.
This virtual appliance is an installed version of m0n0wall but with added VMXNet support,
VMMemControl and the Vmware Guestdaemon for remote control
. It’s configured as
a firewall with three network cards; first on the LAN, second on the WAN and a third as a
DMZ (see picture below). Only the first two are connected to a physical interface and only
the NIC1 on the host needs an IP-address! Your host has to be configured to have a
vmnet0 (Bridged, connected to NIC1), a vmnet2 (Bridged to NIC2) and a vmnet3.
Once the appliance is started, you can connect to and logon with
user ‘admin’ with password ‘mono’. Then goto General Setup and change hostname,
domain and timezone and click ‘save’. Then go to Traffic Shaper, click the Magic Shaper
Wizard tab and fill in your up- and downstream speeds. Click Install/Update and you’re

Have fun with it! Suggestions are welcome!