Pickled Pepper Designs

commercial web design to maximise your turnover.

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hello, bonjour, hallo, ciao, hola!

We are a web design and web application development company based in Bristol. PickledPepper Designs is our online presence and portfolio to showcase the fine websites we design.

Our design ethos.

Are you ever frustrated by websites that look good but you can't make head nor tale of?. In the industry this is known as "mystery meat" navigation!  We promise never to provide you with such bad information architecture.
PickledPepper design websites which not only will look good, but are also standards compliant. We design web sites to the latest web standards; e.g XHTML, CSS, PHP and use javascript and web 2.0 bling to enhance a site when needed, not just because it's cool! or the latest thing to have!